Tonic Water From Ecuador

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With the purity of Andean quinine

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Andean Water

Ecuador is blessed with unique resources such as volcanic water, unparalleled in its purity and freshness.

Cinchona Drinks are made with 100% pure Andean water.


Cinchona Officinalis

A plant endogenous from Loja, Ecuador is the starting point of our unique recipe as it is the variety with the most content of quinine, in the entire world.

Such is the reason for which our tonic water contains such an outstanding degree of purity.


Ecuadorian History

Ecuador and quinine have an entwined history since the XVII century thanks to the plants medical qualities, becoming an important product in Ecuadorian history and culture.

Our product is 100% Ecuadorian.

Enjoy our
new flavor!

White Sugar

We sweeten the purity of our 100% original quinine from Loja to give you a new taste experience with the original flavor of our tonic water.

The story behind

Meet Pedro

Once upon a time in Loja, where a mystic plant was hiding and one person shared it with the entire world,healing millions during his journey.

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